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    Diplomate of American Periodontology
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Teeth In A Day

At NL Periodontics and Dental Implants, patients that are candidates for Teeth In A Day can receive their implants and beautiful, functioning new teeth all in the same day.

In certain situations all of a person’s teeth need to be replaced. This may be because teeth are loose, fractured or have significant decay. In other instances, a person may be wearing a removable denture and is finding it difficult to eat and function because the denture is loose or uncomfortable and often times they are dissatisfied with the esthetics. Utilizing advanced surgical and restorative techniques, NL Periodontics and Dental Implants working in conjunction with your dentist can provide a fixed solution to replace all the teeth with the objective of completing the treatment in one day.

This treatment option if indicated can offer many advantages:


Your new teeth will typically require 4 implants per jaw but regardless of the number of implants we place or if any extractions are required, your fee remains the same. There is typically a reduced need for bone grafting and gum grafting which along with making the treatment concept more affordable it minimizes treatment and recovery time.

Faster outcome

Your new teeth are attached to the implants the same day if the implants are solid enough. These are typically temporary teeth and a few months later a permanent restoration is provided. At no point are you without teeth!

Scientifically driven, proven and documented

Different variations of this treatment concept have been well documented in the literature and demonstrate excellent clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Teeth In A Day has dramatically improved the quality of life of countless patients by improving their esthetics, ability to speak and ability to eat.